When you have a complaint about a referee, coach, player, fan, etc., you should record the complaint on the written Referee Evaluation form.  It would be wise to document your thoughts by putting them in writing for your own record.  You can also call your division coordinator.  It will then be forwarded to the Commissioner, Referee Coordinator, the Director of Coaching or any other party that is appropriate.  A copy of your written complaint may be requested.


Know the names and phone numbers of key officers of your organization.  You should be able to contact your Division Coordinator, Referee Coordinator, Director of Coaching and Commissioner. 


No coach has the authority to cancel a game.   Let your parents know that all games will be played, regardless of weather, unless notified otherwise.  . League officials will determine if a game or games should be cancelled.  They will call the division coordinator and they will call the coaches.  The coach can then call the team or assign another person to do so.  The only exception is that a referee can determine a field unplayable and games are always cancelled immediately when thunder and lightning are evident.

4.      INJURIES

No official of LYSA Soccer (Coaches, Referees, Coordinators and Board Members) should touch or move an injured player.  It leaves you open to all sorts of ramifications especially if by moving the player you causes more injury.  If a player goes down do to an injury, as a coach you can go to the player and see if it is serious and if they can get up on their own.  If not, call the parents from the sideline to assist their child.  This is why we require all parents, or guardians, to be at all practices and games.  If the parents ask for your help, you do so at your own risk.

Our travel program has parents sign a medical release/waiver because sometimes the parents can not travel to all games.  We do not require you to have each parent sign a release as we require the parents to attend all the games and practices and do not want you to be in that situation.  Also most coaches would prefer that another adult not move their own child if they were injured.  Let’s respect the parent’s wishes.

If the injury is serious and you need to call for medical attention, do not move the player and locate the nearest LYSA Soccer Board member who will call for medical help.

All injuries should be reported it to your Division Coordinator.  The Division Coordinators should report it to the Commissioner.  This is so the league is aware in case the player is later taken for medical attention.  On the same note, the referees will note the injury on their game reports and the Referee Coordinator will report it to the commissioner.  You never know when a minor injury could develop into something more substantial so better to notify just in case.


 You, the coach, are the most important adult on the field.  You are the primary contact the players will have regarding the game of soccer.  How you present yourself, the game and sportsmanship is vital to the players and to our organization.  LYSA places great emphasis on training and behavior of coaches.  The LYSA reputation and image is reflected through the coaches.

Coaches are expected, at a minimum, to attend the LYSA Soccer Coaches Clinic, which is held at the beginning of every season.  Coaches are also expected to make every effort to become certified and licensed in their appropriate age group.  Coaching Certification Courses are held periodically and the course fee is totally refunded by LYSA Soccer after completion of the course.   Certification is required at the Travel level.

All coaches are bound to a standard of conduct and behavior.  In the event that a coach's conduct and/or behavior does not represent the standards of the league or such conduct reflects negatively on the reputation of LYSA, that coach will be approached by the Division Coordinator or the Director of Coaching and a warning issued.  The conduct will be discussed and corrected conduct will be described.

If a second incident occurs, the Soccer Board of Directors will call the coach to attend a hearing regarding the offense.  The coach and any others with data pertinent to the offense may present information to the board.  The Soccer Board of Directors will consider all data and make a final decision.  The coach will be bound to comply with the decision of the board.



·       Make sportsmanship your first priority.

·       Make shore all players are not wearing any jewelry, shin guards and head bands are on at all games and practices

·       Learn the rules of the game and teach them in letter and spirit.

·       Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior and leadership.

·       Respect the integrity and personality of each athlete.  Do not ridicule, insult or embarrass any player.

·       Respect the integrity of the officials.  Never challenge their call.

·       Meet and shake hands with opposing coaches and officials before and after each game. 

·       Be responsible for your players and your sideline.

·       Set a good example for players and spectators.  Refrain from:

     o  Arguments in front of your team and parents

     o  Gestures that indicate something negative about someone else

     o  Profanity or objectionable language.